Water Quality Committee



Our committee continues to work hard to lessen the human impact on Kipabiskau and would like to thank cabin owners and RV owners that have taken steps to lessen their footprint. We have a great park and our volunteer Board does an excellent job making sure Kip is well managed and everyone has a place to enjoy year-round activities with family and friends. Please respect other park patrons and do your part to keep Kipabiskau Park clean and a great place to be. 

As outlined in past reports a lot of the committee's time has been spent with various government agencies trying to lessen the impact of the unrestricted flow of water into Kip from the south shore. It was our feeling that this drainage was being done illegally with no regard for the environment or Kipabiskau Lake. As reported last year 3L Cattle Co. was sold to an Alberta family Morsan Farms in the spring of 2017 and the new owners have taken steps to show they do care about the environment and their impact. They have spent a lot of money on cleanup on the home unit, fencing to prevent cows from drinking directly out of Slough creek and taken steps to keep cows from wintering near Katako Lake all of which flow directly into Kip. Ducks Unlimited have been allowed back on the land to manage their flood structures and steps are being taken to establish flood levels acceptable to all parties affected. The concern going forward is that the existing easements have expired and DU has no for see able budget to repair the structures. We will continue to meet and work with DU and Morsan Farms to lessen the flow of water and nutrients into Kip. 

On other issues the U of Regina continues to sample our lake spring and fall to monitor nutrient levels. In addition, last year Kip joined 5 other lakes being monitored by the U of Regina looking at water quality. The full results are still pending and in 2019 it is their hope to do samples in their own lab so results can be posted on line the same month. Lakes involved are Last Moutain, Kenosee, Jack Fish, Murray Lake and Cypress Hills Park. We would like to thank the 10 cabin owners who each year place Zebra Mussel monitoring stations on their docks and Park staff who have been trained on steps to talk with boat owners coming into our Park to prevent the introduction of invasive species into our lake. 

We appreciate the cooperation and efforts the Bible Camp have taken with an upgraded shower house and improvements to their waste water disposal. We are confident they also share our concerns with water quality and will continue to take steps to lessen their footprint as well. 

Due to the fact that our lots are not surveyed the Love Your Lake program we had hoped would take place last year did not happen. The program is administered by the Carrot River Watershed Assoc. and involves a confidential report for each lot on actions that could been done to beautify lots and protect the lake. 

Lease inspections were started in 2013 and to our knowledge there are no longer any lake front lots without a septic tank system, there are no active outhouses that are not on pump outs, no lots have inadequate septic systems and no lot has an outdoor shower being used for anything other than rinsing off. 

The Park has spent a lot of time updating bylaws which contain significant fines for anyone polluting Kip so please take steps to maintain your septic systems and activities on your lot that may harm the Lake. 

Again, this winter we had over 60 ice shacks on the lake. Thank you to the vast majority, that removed your garbage with your shack. To those that forgot please respect our lake next time. 

If you have any concerns with anything that may harm Kip please contact Kevin Moulds who will work with the parties involved to resolve the problem. Please think Water Quality as you enjoy Kipabiskau this summer and do your part to protect your lake. If you have any questions or comments, please contact any Board or Committee member. 


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