Water Quality Committee

The committee continues to work hard in it's ongoing efforts to improve the quality of water in Kip. The committee consists of Krista Wempe, Riley Jestin, Kevin Moulds, Al Bradshaw and John Reid. John came back on the committee last year with his full focus on drainage coming into Kip on the south shore which is the source of the majority of water flowing into Kip. John and Al Bradshaw have spent countless hours this winter meeting with various government agencies that regulate and police environmental and drainage issues in the province. To insure everyone is up to date, this review of past events was undertaken through historic review of park records, individual interviews, aerial photography and through continued water sampling. The committee has also received the written support of the Kinistin First Nation and the Stoney Lake Bible Camp in our efforts to improve water quality in Kip.

From these investigations it was determined that in 2007 there was significant uncontrolled drainage into Kip. This drainage was the direct result of unauthorized removal of Ducks Unlimited water level containment structures on Fox Lake, Mizhashik Lake and Katako Lake. As well there was a breach of a natural dyke on the south shore followed up with two further interventions to the natural flow of drainage waters in 2011 and 2013. As these land locations are on Sask Agriculture lease lands the committee has had meetings with the local Departments of Agriculture and Sask Water Security Agency. These meetings were followed up with a further meeting in Regina with Sask. Agriculture, Water Security Agency and Sask. Environment. We have requested the answers to numerous questions supplied to these agencies in response to the above activities. Also during our inquiries it was determined that an application had been made to the Water Security Agency to drain more water through the breach location.

Of significant importance in this regard is that ownership and control of leased properties have been sold this spring to an Alberta family. As a result this application to drain has been cancelled. It is our hope that the new owners will work with us and Ducks Unlimited to regulate water flow allowing less nutrients and silt coming into Kip. We also hope the new owners will be better stewards of the land and their wintering and grazing of animals will be more considerate of the environment and our lake. Going forward we have made contact with the new owners and will solicit their assistance in dealing with these issues and other environmental issues. We have contacted Ducks Unlimited to ensure their followup with the damaged containment structures and will continue to reach out to the Saskatchewan Government for answers to our questions and concerns. On other issues there are 5 major sources of water coming into Kip. Over the past 2 years we have taken 29 water samples at various times of the year to hopefully identify sources of nutrients coming into Kip. We have also sampled the lake itself to possibly identify the extent cabin owners, other users of Kip and adjoining properties maybe contributing to nutrient levels.

The University of Regina also continue to sample Kip each year spring and fall. The good news is that Kip continues to improve in overall quality due mainly to high rainfall and flushing however we are still significantly higher than pre 2006 nutrient levels. The Park is doing their part to lessen our foot print with installation of 2 new RV toilets and connection of sewer lines to Lake front lots plus installing plastic septic tanks in all seasonal RV sites this spring. Our committee and the Board would like to thank cabin owners who have decommissioned outdoor toilets, added rings to septic tanks, stopped using outdoor showers except for rinsing and believe it or not repaired and/or installed septic tanks.

The Park Board has implemented significant fines for anyone polluting Kip. Please inspect your own septic systems and consider your practices on your own lots to make sure you are not adding nutrients to Kip. Ken Peterson, our Park Manager and the Board will work with anyone trying to resolve any sewage issue. If you have any concerns within the Park or questions about waste water please contact Ken at 306-873-2500.

Please THINK WATER QUALITY as you enjoy Kipabiskau this summer and do your part to protect your lake. If you have any questions or comments please contact a Board or Committee member.

Have a great summer.


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