May 3, 2019                                                                                                   

Ken Peterson, Manager

Kipabiskau Regional Park


Dear Mr. Peterson:


This letter is to advise you that a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory (PDWA) has been placed on the Kipabiskau Regional Park Waterworks including the entire distribution system effective 8:00 am. May 6, 2019.


Water Security Agency protocol is to place systems under a PDWA during seasonal start up until such a time, as their entire system is proven safe for human consumptive use. This Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory remains in effect until the safety of the Campgrounds water supply in the distribution system can be ensured at all times. Therefore, I ask that the Parks administration immediately notify all users of the Kipabiskau Regional Park water distribution system of the conditions in the attached Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory. Bottled water can be a safe alternative.


This advisory can be rescinded following:


1)      The distribution system is disinfected and flushed according to applicable standards.

2)      Water quality returns to acceptable levels within the system.

3)      The receipt of two consecutive sets of three (3) bacteriological samples (marked “other”) collected one day apart that are negative for bacteriological growth in the final treated potable water being supplied throughout the section of the system mentioned above.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ries Mansuy at (306) 862-1767.



Ries Mansuy, A.Sc.T.

Sr. Environmental Project Officer

Water Security Agency - Drinking Water and Wastewater Management Division

Nipawin, SK.





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 Cabin Holder’s and Seasonal Campers;


It is imperative that we at the park always have current and accurate contact information for all Cabin Holders and Seasonal Campers. This information is required for us to be able to contact you in case of an emergency in the park, ie break in’s, fire, park notices or a natural disaster that may affect you or your property. It is also required for the Provincial Government to send education tax assessments, notices and invoices that also affect your park property. Over the past several years some of you have dropped your land line and moved to cellular phones, or have moved changing your mailing address, or changed internet providers and thus changed your email address. Some of you are snowbirds and are away in the winter months and are using a different email or phone number at that time.


Please take the time to update all your current information. Together we can improve park communication and keep you informed. It will be kept private and is required for park business only. You can e:mail this information to 


Please Be Safe and Enjoy Your Time at the Park


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Kipabiskau Regional Park, commonly referred to as "Kip", is nestled in the scenic Barrier Valley. The lake itself is approximately 10 kms long and 0.5 km wide. The main part of the park is located on the north shore of the lake, although the park controls most of the land surrounding the lakeshore. The largest portion of the park's land is left in its natural state and being a wooded area, it is a sanctuary for wildlife. The park opens from Mother's Day to mid-September, although winter usage is increasing with sports like ice fishing and snowmobile gaining in popularity.


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