Kipabiskau Park 2021 Store Inventories


Novelty Ice Creams and Treats.

4L and 1.6L Tubs of Ice Cream.

Scoop Ice Cream, Cake Cones, Waffle Cones or Cup.

Pop 591 ml & 2L

Water 591 ml and 1L

Bags of Ice

Candy, Chips, Chocolate Bars, Sunflower Seeds.

Premium Gasoline.

Kiddie Toys,

Bug Spray, Sunscreen,

Toilet Paper, Paper Towels,

Laundry Soap,

Feminine Hygiene Products.

Boating Safety Supplies.

Bait, Minnows, Leeches and Night Crawlers.

Kip Park Premium Ladies, Mens and Youth Clothing.

Life Jacket Rentals.